Original title: Il più grande sogno Director: Michele Vannucci Cast: Alessandro Borghi, Mirko Frezza, Vittorio Viviani, Milena Mancini, Ivana Lotito, Ginevra De Carolis, Crystel Frezza

Country: Italy Year: 2016 Length: 97’

Screenwriters: Michele Vannucci, Anita Otto, in collaboration with Mirko Frezza Cinematography: Matteo Vieille Editing: Sara Zavarise Music: Teho Teardo, Last Before Dinner Design: Lupo Marziale Costumes: Sabrina Beretta Producer: Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni World sales: True Colours

With the contribution of Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo, with the support of Roma Lazio Film Commission Regione Lazio - Fondo regionale per il cinema e l’audiovisivo, in collaboration with Laser Film Upupa S.r.l.


Mirko is back home after 8 years spent in jail. He wants a second chance, dreaming for a fresh start, leaving violence and crime behind once and for all. He aims to win back the love of his two daughters, to start over with his wife and finally do something good for himself. An unexpected opportunity arises when he’s surprisingly elected President of a Social Association of his neighborhood, an almost forgotten area in the outskirt of Rome. He puts all his efforts in it: he manages to organize a soup kitchen and to offer a real job to the outlaws of the area by transforming an abandoned piece of land in a flourished tomato field. But once you’ve been a criminal for so long, spreading so much grief and sorrow, it’s incredibly hard to infect people around you with good and happiness. 


“Some encounters can change the perception of your life. In August 2012 I met Mirko during the casting of my graduation short at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. He was 40 years old and with a life on the streets he wanted to finally put behind him. He told me he had been elected president of his neighbor’s association, that he was starting working for it and that he was going to have soon his third kid. Right there, I saw a story coming out of his words, a story worth to be told, and to which I suddenly felt attached. What he was looking for, was what I was looking for too: a new identity, a new life. We’ve been meeting for three years, I’ve been listening to him and I’ve started writing a story inspired by his words. That story is I Was a Dreamer: a fictional film starting from his real life. A dream that came true thanks to the help of a generous group of people ready to take this challenge, a story spanning free from the comedy to the drama and crime genre, as naturally as real life does. This film is dedicated to those who every day put themselves in the line and struggle for the life they dream”. Michele Vannucci


Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay 2018 - Panorama Largometrajes Internacionales Festival Terra di Cinema 2018 - Compétition Fictions ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2018 Viva il Cinema! Journées du film italien à Tours 2018 - Compétition Festival del Cinema Città di Spello 2017 - Premio miglior fonico di presa diretta a Biagio Guerrieri Italian Film Festival London - Cinema Made in Italy Gold Elephant World - Catania Film Festival - Concorso europeo: Premio Migliore Attore Protagonista di Opera Prima a Alessandro Borghi, Premio Migliore Attore Rivelazione Opera Prima a Mirko Frezza, Premio Migliore Colonna Sonora Opera Prima Teho Teardo, Premio Migliore Sceneggiatura Opera Prima a Anita Otto e Michele Vannucci Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce - Finalista Premio Mario Verdone Cinema Made in Italy - Stoccolma 2017 Cinema Made in Italy - Londra 2017 Annecy Cinema Italien 2017 - Concorso: Prix Spécial du Jury, Prix du Département, Prix des Lecteurs BAFICI - Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente: Óperas Primas Seattle International Film Festival 2017 - Make Me Laugh! ShorTS International Film Festival - Maremetraggio: Sezione nuove impronte David di Donatello 2017 - Premio 3 Future Award Nastri d'Argento 2017 - Premio Migliore Attore Non Protagonista a Alessandro Borghi, SIAE premio giovani sceneggiatori a Michele Vannucci Shanghai International Film Festival 2017 - Focus Italy Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2017 - In Competition Denver Film Festival 2017 - Contemporary World Cinema Cinemed - Festival Cinema Mediterranéen Montpellier 2017 - Longs métrages panorama Cinema Italia Oggi 2017 Appuntamento con il cinema italiano - Istanbul 2017 Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia 2016 - sezione Orizzonti: Menzione speciale FEDIC, Premio "Sorriso Diverso" Venezia Miglior Film Italiano Alice nella città 2016 - Kino PanoramaItalia Milano Film Festival 2016 Asti Film Festival 2016 - Premio Speciale del Pubblico "La Prima Cosa Bella" CPH PIX - Buster 2016: New Crowned Hopes Premio Solinas Experimenta 2015