Director: Giovanni Piperno Cast: Azzurra Di Giuliano, Gabriele Fazi, Vincenzo Seminara (Azzurra and Gabriele episode) - Christian Benigni, Valentina Mazzarella, Adamo Dionisi (Christian and Valentina episode) - Elisa Di Giuliano, Giulia Mazzarella, Laura di Pascasio (Elisa and Giulia episode)

Production Country: Italia Year: 2017 Length: 55’

Screenwriters: Pier Paolo Piciarelli, Giovanni Piperno - Azzurra Di Giuliano, Gabriele Fazi (Azzurra and Gabriele), Valentina Mazzarella, Christian Benigni (Christian and Valentina), Elisa Di Giuliano, Giulia Mazzarella (Elisa and Giulia) Cinematography: Giovanni Piperno (Azzurra and Gabriele, Christian and Valentina), Sandro Chessa (Elisa and Giulia) Music: Marco Vidino (Elisa and Giulia) Editing: Paolo Petrucci Direct sound: Michelangelo Marchese (Azzurra and Gabriele), Daniele De Angelis (Christian and Valentina), Emanuele Giunta (Elisa and Giulia) Sound editing: Marco Furlani Assistant director: Andrea Zuliani, Flavia Montini Production manager: Leonardo Ferrantini (Elisa and Giulia) Production coordinator: Veronica Miresse Producer: Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni


Azzurra and Gabriele Gabriele likes Azzurra, but he is very shy. Luckily, Azzurra is smart and organizes their first date, but she didn’t consider Gabriele’s job. 

Christian and Valentina Christian is 21, Valentina, 17. They are together, but he is unemployed and her father isn’t too fond of him. They are expecting a baby: something that they didn’t look for. Now, they want to get married before anyone starts to notice her growing belly.

Elisa and Giulia Giulia, with the help of her friend Elisa, wants to make a cardamom pie for her father's birthday. But at Tor Sapienza the cardamom is not easy to find and the little she has goes stolen! Will she make it? A little story, almost true, about little thieves and great friendship.


Viale Giorgio Morandi in an anthology film that consists of three episodes made thanks to Associazione Antropos Onlus, Fondazione Pianoterra Onlus and Kino produzioni. Three different companies together for a project of social inclusion, called Tor Sapienza Film Lab, that involved the youth of a rough neighborhood in Rome. Director Giovanni Piperno and screenwriter Pier Paolo Piciarelli lent their talents to the project as well. “Tell us a story is what was asked of them. They were told to imagine; dialogues, places, characters, and then to interpret those aspects in front of a camera. It wasn’t easy and some strayed. Others, however, remained, had their heads in the game, and proved themselves. To talk about one’s self, to create and express a one’s own story - or whatever story one wants to tell- is a difficult journey for an adolescent, or anyone else for that matter. Above all, it’s difficult for those who grow up in difficult environments, where there is little space for projects and imagination and where the mindset is that nothing can change. The stereotype of the young people the peripheries of Rome falls, because now the peripheries become the center. As Renzo Piano said, ‘This is where one finds energy’.” Giovanni Piperno and Pier Paolo Piciarelli


ShorTS International Film Festival 2018 - Special Event