Obbligo-Locandina in bassa 35x50cm copia.jpg

Original Title: Obbligo o verità Director: Giovanni Piperno Cast: Giulia Mazzarella, Elisa Di Giuliano

Country: Italia Year: 2016 Length: 19’

Screenplay: Elisa di Giuliano, Giulia Mazzarella, Pier Paolo Piciarelli, Giovanni Piperno Production: Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni Cinematography: Sandro Chessa Editing: Paolo Petrucci Music: Marco Vidino Sound: Emanuele Giunta Costume design: Valentina Rossi Mori Assistant director: Andrea Zuliani, Flavia Montini Sound editing: Marco Furlani Color correction: Vincenzo Marinese Production manager: Leonardo Ferrantini Coordinator: Veronica Miresse


Giulia, with the help of her friend Elisa, wants to make a cardamom pie for her father's birthday. But at Tor Sapienza the cardamom is not easy to find and the little she has goes stolen! Will she make it? A little story, almost true, about little thieves and great friendship.


“For two years in the neighbourhood of Tor Sapienza in Roma, with the screenwriter Pier Paolo Piciarelli, I held a workshop of screenwriting. A hard but beautiful experience, made possible by the collaboration with Onlus Pianoterra, the neighbourhood association Antropos and Kino produzioni. We gave some kids from the neighbourhood the possibility of talking about their life experiences, while at the same times teaching them how a small story can become a small film. Together with them we wrote and shot three short films, ‘Truth or Dare’ is the last one of the trilogy. In some ways the most difficult challenge, taking into consideration the age of the screenwriters\actors: all between 12 and 14 years old. Even in this case as it had been for the two previous ones, our challenge was to bring the kid's proposed stories in a dimension that went beyond what we could see in the news, often bad news, from the neighbourhood; moving towards comedy and fairy tales, because not only the kids but us too have the need to dream”. Giovanni Piperno