Cast (voices): Pierfrancesco Favino, Anna Ferzetti, Fabio Canino, Eleonora Russo, Andrea Bosca, Claudia Potenza, Fabrizia Sacchi

Director: Laura Luchetti Animators: MoonchausenLulù Cancrini, Marco Varriale Screenplay: Laura Luchetti Producers:  Giovanni Pompili - Kino Produzioni| Laura Luchetti - Donkadillo

Country: Italy Year: 2018 Length: 7’


Gemma and Marcello are about to get married. They waited so long for this moment to come. The ceremony is about to begin and they are both overwhelmed by their emotions, their fears and expectations. Like every other couple they support each other and fantasize about their future, they swear eternal love to one another, but they are not just like any other couple who is about to get married. Gemma and Marcello are two sugary statuettes on top of a wedding cake.


“I once found myself looking at the figurines on top of a wedding cake and I realised that very often they last much longer than the marriage they represent....Thinking about how short  many marriages are and how long is the life of the figurines on the cake,  I came to the conclusion that eternal love doesn't have to be human. Gemma and Marcello, my figurines on the top of the wedding cake, know how to love each other eternally far better than any human being and their Sugarlove is way better than any real love”. Laura Luchetti


Biennale di Venezia 2018: Settimana della Critica - SIC@SIC - Special event