Director: Carlo Sironi Cast: Sandra Drzymalska, Claudio Segaluscio, Bruno Buzzi, Barbara Ronchi, Marco Felli

Country: Italy-Poland Statuts: In post-production Length: 97’

Writers: Carlo Sironi, Giulia Moriggi, Antonio Manca Cinematography: Gergely Pohárnok Editing: Andrea Maguolo Set design: Ilaria Sadun Costume design: Olivia Bellini Make-up artist: Valentina Iannuccilli First Assistant Director: Nicola Scorza Camera assistant: Livio Montarsi Sound supervisor: Stefano Sabatini Script supervisor: Chiara Pandolfo Casting: Jorgelina Depetris Producers: Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioniAgnieszka Wasiak - Lava Films World Sales: Luxbox

Supported by MiBAC, with the support of Eurimages, Lazio Cinema International, Polish Film Institute, IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission, TorinoFilmLab Production Fund, in collaboration with Rai Cinema


Awaiting for a change in his life, Ermanno spends his days playing slot machines. One day Lena, a seven-month pregnant Polish girl, turns up in Italy, wanting to sell her baby and start a new life. The two of them pretend to be a couple in order to hand the baby over to Ermanno’s uncle Fabio. A fake adoption between relatives is the only way for Fabio to get the newborn that he and his wife Bianca cannot have. As for Lena and Ermanno, the final deal is to wait for the birth and the money, then to go on their separate ways. However Sole the baby girl is premature and needs to be breastfed. While Lena tries to reject her link with her daughter, Ermanno takes care of them as if he were the real father. Rather than dividing them, Sole brings them all together more than ever.


“When I was younger I could have become a father, but we decided not to. It was a tough decision to take and from that moment, a part of me started wandering about how my life would have been if I had become a father; so I asked myself, what does it mean to be a father? What does parenthood really involve? I realised it doesn’t have to do only with biology, but also and primarily with responsibility, a change of approach regarding one’s prospects. Then I fantasised about how it would feel to become the parent of a child that is not yours biologically. I wanted to depict this journey through an extreme case, a real one yet out of the ordinary. I was inspired by the world around me, where relationships are killed by the increasingly devastating existential precariousness, and money seems to be the only standard of value we are left with, and human beings are diminished to mare goods. I want to portray what it means to pretend to be something you are not and discovering through this process an otherwise unknown identity. I want to explore these themes from the point of view of someone who is dealing with the complex journey towards becoming a parent”. Carlo Sironi