Director: Claudia Brignone Cast: Vincenzo Arena, Francesco Auriemma, Angela Bacioterracino, Vincenzo Barretta, Michele Basile, Salvatore Cacace, Magobi Chili, Luigi D'Onofrio, Andrea De Luca, Luca De Rose, Felice Rossella Garofano, Antonio Garzillo, Mehemed Gyunduan, Gaetano Liguori, Mnheb Minchev, Giuseppe Mazza, Carmine Mazzella, Alfredo Mitrotti, Filomena Pesce, Luciana Piccolo, Giovanni Raiano, Antonio Reale, Elisa Sartori, Alessandro Sigillo

Country: Italy Year: 2014 Length: 57’

Original story: Claudia Brignone Cinematography: Claudia Brignone, Salvatore Landi Editing: Chiara de Cunto Colorist: Salvatore Landi Sound mix: Dario Calvari Under the supervision of: Leonardo di Costanzo Producer: Claudia Brignone Coproducer: Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni In collaboration with: Casa editrice Idelson Gnocchi


Napoli, Fuorigrotta. In the background is the San Paolo stadium and under the curve A, is a place where addiction is born. In this neighborhood, on Sunday’s there is a crowd of fans, and there is a place that keeps the stories of doctors and patients. For more than two years I attended, listening to the voice of those who try to get out of the "addiction", defined by doctors, "the disease of desire".

Everyone seems to have his therapy, although often only one attempt…


“The first time I set foot into Fuorigrotta ser.t (centre for addictions) I was utterly scared. This feeling has been with me until I’ve decided that all the stories and the people deserved to be given a voice and a dignity. I chose that place because any addiction there, from heroin to cocaine, to alcohol or even to gambling, was treated as a disorder rather than a vice, too powerful a need to be controlled by a human mind. I wanted to try and understand the mechanics underlying the minds of the addicted because I couldn’t relate to them, then, thanks to the meeting of Gaetano, historical patient of ser.t and then with Felice, met at Piazza Garibaldi station, a number of barriers came inevitably to fall. During our long hours chatting I started to see the boys and girls of the centre not simply as patients but rather as friends”. Claudia Brignone


SalinaDocFest 2014 - Signum Audience Award, Special Jury Mention Napoli Film Festival 2014 - Vesuvio Award