KENTANNOS - May you live by a hundred!

Director: Victor Cruz Cinematography: Nicolás Pittaluga, Matteo Vieille, Diego Poleri Live sound recordist: Biagio Gurrieri Producers: Rodolfo Pochat Etchebehere - Motoneta Cine | Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni International Distribution: Berta Film

Country: Argentina-Italy Status: Ready


Kentannos is a documentary about people from across the world who are 90 or older, and still have an exciting passion for life. In Costa Rica, Pachito's daughter fears that something could happen to her 98-year-old father and she forbids him to ride his horse. In Sardinia Adolfo wishes a gift for his 93rd birthday: to fulfil the dream of flying a plane. In Okinawa, Tomi of 93 and his grandmas pop band became pop idols and play concerts all over Japan. No matter how old they are, their dreams fulfil their lives and inspire us to pursue ours.


“I am very fond of the elderly. Maybe because I had to take care of my grandmother when my mother passed away prematurely. My relationship with her became very intense. As her caretaker, I was responsible for her medical care, baths and exercise sessions. I enjoyed every minute of the five years that we spent together, and I felt as though she enjoyed my presence as well. Someone was there to think of her, I enjoyed being there for her, hug her.

When we think about longevity, we often focus on things like diet, health, genetics and, more recently, family and other social relationships. It is this latter aspect that interests me the most. I was able to observe that the positive image that a family projects onto their elderly has a stimulating effect, that keeps the person active and engaged in projects throughout his or her entire life. This relationship goes beyond respect; it is characterized by expressions of love that include hugs, kisses and constant physical contact. Such expressions of love seem to have a revitalizing effect on the elderly.

I visited many elderly people in Nicoya and Sardinia and Okinawa. This was how I met the protagonists of my documentary. I came to love them and made up my mind to create a film that focuses on their stories, families and communities. I think of longevity as a result of a series of family and other social interactions. For me, long-lived people are the key that opens the door in all of us to another way of living and conceiving our relationships. That is what this documentary proposes: to offer a chance to see that there are many ways to live, ways that can lead to rich, healthy, lucid old age”. Victor Cruz