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Director: Michele Vannucci Writers: Anita Otto, Massimo Gaudioso, Michele Vannucci Producer: Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni 

Status: In development


The Florian’s live off illegal fishing in the myriad of canals of the Po river delta. They migrated to Italy because of the evacuation of the Danube river banks, where the Lipovans community used to live. Together with them lives Elia, a fugitive whose only dream is to find redemption as a peaceful free man. But the river is patrolled by Osso and the fishing guards that fight illegal fishing on their land. Fighting the poachers is their mission. Elia will avenge the Florian’s but Osso will have the last word in coming to terms with what it means to kill a lonely and vulnerable homeless man.


Delta will be a story focusing on the relationship between man and nature. Set in Autumn, the colors of the film will underline the difference of these two worlds. During that season, the delta landscape becomes monochrome. Rusty brown coats the whole countryside, leaving the earth hard and lifeless. The story, set entirely along the river, will reveal submerged and forgotten worlds, which are visible only from the water.

Delta will be an action film with social undertones. The frenetic rhythm of the manhunt will however experience emotional counterpoints by means of the voice of a narrator, capable of closely feeling Elia and Osso’s wounded hearts and the loss of every human sentiment with the arrival of revenge. The indifferent and phantasmagorical nature will make their battle even more miserable, letting the violence perpetrated and suffered by the protagonists to be overtaken by the Po delta landscape.

The water of the largest river in Italy, the abandoned landscapes of its banks and the hidden life which keeps struggling inside them, have been the elements of Delta’s genesis. The desire to bring back an abandoned but once fertile landscape of the Italian cinema’s narrative - Ossessione, Visconti (1944); Paisà, Rossellini (1946); Il Grido, Antonioni (1957) – has helped in populating those empty spaces with characters in the writing process.

Loosely based on the true events regarding the double murder and consequent absconding in Europe of “Igor the Russian”, Delta will be a genre film, a riverside western in which the foreigner blends into the land that hosts him, becoming part of it. A western in which good and evil coexist the same person, forced by contingencies to defend himself or kill his fellow man. The challenge between Elia and Osso, between the bandit and the sheriff, between the prey and the predator, will make the western archetypes live once again, within a contemporary atmosphere. The feeling of chaos sown by a bandit, who leads a quiet provincial village to hate and yell words on revenge and violence, will take this story into a stranger-hunt amidst the wild delta lands”. Michele Vannucci